Infographic posters and 3D polyhedrals. The posters are 34 x 51 in digital graphic illustrations, printed on an Epson inkjet printer on enhanced matte cardstock paper. The 3D polyhedrals were printed and assembled by hand.

All map projections distort the Earth’s surface in one way or another. A sphere's surface simply cannot be accurately represented on a two-dimensional plane. There is no single perfect map projection — instead, numerous map projections exist to serve varying purposes. Since maps can dramatically influence our perceptions about the world, is important that we understand the differences between them and which are appropriate to use in which situations.​​​​​​​
Assembled polyhedrals: Conformal Tetrahedron (Lee), Conformal Cube (Reichard), Dymaxion Icosahedron (Fuller), Gnomonic Butterfly Octahedron (Cahill).
The map projections shown retain the copyrights of their respective creators where applicable. Vector map data gathered primarily from Wikimedia Commons, UC Santa Barbara’s Center for Spatially Integrated Social Science and work by Jason Davies and Mike Bostock.
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